Developing an Oil & Gas Powerhouse

The Iraq Oil & Gas Show (IOGS) is Baghdad’s only conference and exhibition dedicated to Iraq’s entire hydrocarbon sector. Officially Co-Hosted with the Ministry of Oil, the show brings together all the key policymakers, International Oil Companies, EPC contractors, and expert service providers to highlight the outstanding opportunities present in developing the full hydrocarbon value chain in Iraq.

As a leading producer of events in Iraq, we are honoured to officially co-host IOGS with the Ministry of Oil.


Iraq Oil and Gas Show

23-24 November 2019

Official Event Co-Host

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Why Iraq Oil & Gas Show?

Iraq is well known for its vast natural wealth. With just under 150 billion barrels in reserve, it is the 5th largest holder of proven oil reserves in the world. One of the fastest-growing producers in the world, Iraq is second in OPEC only to Saudi Arabia.

Despite grave challenges, Iraq has ramped up production, doubling its output to an average of 4.7 million barrels-per-day. This accounts for a fifth of the net increase in global supply. Additionally, production costs are among the lowest in the world, at just $10 per barrel. Iraq is poised to play a leading role in meeting global oil demand in the coming decade. Iraq is primed to become a hydrocarbon powerhouse.

Despite the outstanding opportunities within Iraq. The hydrocarbon sector needs significant expansions and investment across its entire sphere. The international community is aware of the upstream potential; however, logistical challenges and a lack of midstream & downstream capabilities are preventing rapid growth. IOGs will focus not only on upstream activities, but the broader challenges and opportunities that are vital to hydrocarbon industry.

Join us at The Iraq Oil and Gas Show for a jam packed 2-day agenda, focusing on new content promoted by The Ministry of Oil. The Iraq Oil & Gas Show is the only place where you can hear all about Iraq’s energy infrastructure, supply chain management, technology innovation and the development of the midstream & downstream capacity.

Do not miss out and join us at The Iraq Oil & Gas Show.





  • Government-Sponsored Hear the latest opportunities and projects from the decision-makers that matter within the Government of Iraq. Meet with senior VIP officials through private meetings.
  • 2-Day Agenda Listen to leading multinationals, key players and industry experts on the hydrocarbon industry in Iraq. Learn about key areas from oil & gas, petrochemicals, refinery, water production, and many more departments.
  • Project Focused Learn from leading Government officials on new projects and opportunities within Iraq’s key hydrocarbon sectors. Identify new tender opportunities and understand the regulatory environment.
  • Multinational Showcase Meet and learn from major Multinational companies operating within Iraq. Understand the opportunities and challenges through specific case studies.
  • High Traffic Exhibition Showcase your company and services towards Iraq’s hydrocarbon sectors.
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